Meet Sophie, Firefly On-Demand Caregiver

Each month, Firefly Home Care recognizes one of our caregivers who went above and beyond to provide excellent service to our clients, and we call this our Lifesaver Award. Sophie is a recent recipient of this award. She’s a senior at the University of Notre Dame with a major in Science Pre-Professional Studies and a minor in Chinese. We'd like to thank Sophie and all of our wonderful caregivers for everything they're doing to help improve lives in our community.
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What are your favorite things about being a Firefly caregiver?

I love being able to work with different clients and getting to know each of them. I’ve learned a lot from my clients, whether it be physical things like how to pump gas (I grew up in New Jersey, where attendants must pump your gas by law) or worldly knowledge through their stories. It is also fulfilling to be able to give my clients and their loved ones a break in their daily routine. 

Firefly On-Demand Caregiver, Sophie, reads the paper to her client, Victor.

What’s one of your favorite things to do with clients? 

I really enjoy sitting down and having a meal with clients. I always pack my own lunch and dinner, so if time permits, I will eat with my client. As a student, I’m often eating on the go, so I really enjoy the opportunity to eat and chat with others. It is often over a nice meal where we share stories about life.

Sophie helps her client with lunch.

You’re an On-Demand Caregiver for Firefly; what’s your favorite part about this position and why is it a good fit for you? 

I was referred to Firefly Home Care by a close friend who attends university with me. She stated that the job was perfect for her schedule as a university student. I feel as though for most students, it can be pretty difficult to balance a non-campus-affiliated job with class, but Firefly’s On-Demand Caregiver position actually aligns better with my schedule compared to most on-campus jobs. As a senior in college, I have a lot of sporadic events that come up that would hinder me from being able to have a part-time job with a firm schedule. The flexibility of the On-Demand Caregiver position is perfect for me as a student. 

How do you learn about On-Demand caregiving opportunities and how do you decide which ones you want to accept? How do you use Firefly’s Caregiver Mobile App? 

I usually learn about caregiving opportunities through email and the Caregiver Mobile App. I find that the App is very useful and provides a lot of necessary information conveniently. I always make sure to review the Client Info tab to review the care plan and the Tasks in the app to familiarize myself with the client’s needs before I arrive at the shift. It is also very easy to record tasks, clock in/out, and report any new information about the client right in the app. I can do all of these things right after my shift while the information is still fresh in my mind, which I think is great!

What’s a fun fact about you? 

Before I left for college, I lived on both coasts of America for equal amounts of time: 9 years in California and 9 years in New Jersey. (I prefer New Jersey to many people’s surprise!)

Firefly On-Demand Caregiver, Sophie, checks her client’s care plan on the Caregiver Mobile App.

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