Meet Caregiver Megan M.

Firefly caregiver Megan M. is the December Caregiver of the Month. We would like to congratulate Megan and thank her for her hard work and dedication to improving the lives of her clients. Megan has only been a Firefly caregiver for seven months and she’s already made a significant impact on her clients. Let’s meet her.
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Tell us about you Megan: I grew up in Elkhart, where I graduated from Memorial High
School. I lived in Angola for a few years before I moved back to this area. I recently
bought a house in Goshen, and live there with my three children ages eight, six, and my
youngest is almost two—all boys. My life mostly revolves around my kids. That’s how
life is!
How did you come to choose caregiving as a career? I just knew I wanted to work with
older adults. My grandma is a very independent eighty-nine-year-old woman. I think
about how they (my grandparents and parents) once took care of me, and that’s how I
would want someone to care for her. She is my heart! She’s the one who once said to
me that this work is my calling. When I lived in Angola, I worked in a nursing home for
three years, which was during COVID. My first role was as an activities aid, but when
they needed certified nursing assistant help, I took the classes to become a CNA.
Working as a CNA is when I knew working with older adults was for me. When I moved
back to the Elkhart area, I worked at a day care. But after a while in that job, I felt it was
time to return to working with older adults again. That’s when I saw an ad for Firefly.
I’ve been a caregiver with them for about seven months and I love what I do.
What do you do for your clients? I work with several clients who have dementia. I
prepare food for them, help them with showers and getting dressed, and talk about life.
I feel a lot about the job is to offer companionship and support. I want to do all I can to
help a client stay in their home because I believe that increases their lifespan. Home is
their safe place; it’s where they are most comfortable.

Megan connecting with her client

Have you had any special moments with a client? I tried to get one of my dementia
clients to say my name. I kept telling her my name is Megan. Right before Thanksgiving,
she called me by my name and said, “I love you.” A big part of what I do is try to connect
with a client. I knew then I had connected with her.
What has it been like working for Firefly? I am very thankful that I got the offer to work
for Firefly. They are always there to help you on your shift. They are very flexible with
the schedule, and if you connect with certain clients, they will try to match your
schedule up with them. It’s made my life so much better working for them.
What are some of your hobbies and interests? My life mostly revolves around my kids. I
watch kids’ TV shows and cartoons and read to my kids a lot. I also like being around
water, that’s my peaceful place.

Bringing a smile and brightness to her clients day.

Susan is the wife of one of Megan’s clients who has dementia. She offered these kind
words about Megan: Megan is on our schedule once a week for a two-hour shift. She
stands by while my husband showers (he can bathe himself), then changes the sheets
on his be. Then, if he has any sores, she’ll take care of them. She has a really good
personality, and my husband likes her really well, so he pays attention and does what
she says. He knows she really cares about him.

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