Meet Firefly Caregiver April G.

Firefly caregiver April G. was recently selected as Caregiver of the Month. We would like to congratulate April and thank her for her hard work and dedication to improving the lives of her clients. Catching up to a caregiver is never easy, but we finally caught up to April to talk for a few minutes and take some pictures.
Firefly Aprial00

April is the definition of professional.  Her professionalism has landed her with some challenges that she has handled well.  She continues to amaze and impress me.-Dawn A., April’s Manager

Tell us a little about you, April: I was born in South Bend and grew up in Elkhart. I’m
married and have three step-children—a girl and two boys. And, we nearly have a zoo at
home with two dogs and seven cats. I don’t know who I clean up after more, the kids or
the animals!

What led you to becoming a caregiver and how long have you worked as a Firefly
I was a CNA for a long time. Well, first I took care of my grandma, then I
worked in a nursing home, then I was a traveling CNA before going to work at Memorial
Hospital, where I worked for almost ten years. When I decided I wanted to try
something different, I worked at the license branch for a while, but I found that wasn’t
what I wanted to do. While I was looking for something different, I found a post for a
Firefly caregiver on Indeed. I applied and began working for them in January of this year,
so it’s been about seven months.

What type of shifts do you work?
I’m a full-time caregiver. I was working day shifts, but
now I work more nights with an occasional day shift. Yesterday, I started working a 9
p.m. to 5 a.m. shift that will be Sunday through Thursday.

Is that for one client and can you tell us a little about them?
Yes, it’s for a client who is
confined to bed. While I’m there, I care for him, and then I also help with housecleaning.
I like to hear him laugh, so I do different things to get him to laugh. He makes faces at
me and tries to get me to laugh as well. It’s a way that we engage with each other. He
also likes to watch TV, and sometimes we watch the show Longmire together.

What are three of your favorite things?
I like to fish. We usually go to Juno Lake. I like
to camp and I also like my garden. My mother and I work together on it and are trying to
make a business out of it. We named the garden after my grandma Rosie because she
loved her plants; we call it Rosie’s Garden Shop. This year, for the first time, we have a
booth at the Elkhart Farmer’s Market. We start flowers and vegetables and sell them
there, and from our garden we will sell produce. Someday, we’d like to have a
greenhouse and grow even more plants.

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