Meet Caregiver Julie M.

Julie M, was described as an angel by the wife of her client, Frank. We couldn’t agree more and are happy to announce Julie as the March Employee of the Month. We would like to congratulate Julie for her hard work and dedication to improving the lives of her clients. We hope you enjoy learning a little about Julie.
Julie Mauch08

Tell us about you, Julie: I grew up in western Illinois. I moved to Indiana in 1985 and
I’ve been here ever since. I worked as an administrative assistant for many years and
ended my full-time career as an Environmental, Health and Safety Manager at the
company I retired from after twenty-five years. I’ve been married to my husband, Rory,
for sixteen years. We both retired a couple of years ago, but after six months of
retirement, my husband went back to work full time for the same company. I found I
needed something extra to do with my time as well. When I saw an ad for caregivers at
Firefly, I thought that might be a good fit for me, and I was right. I’ve been working for
Firefly for two years now.

Describe the work you do: I work part time for Firefly. I see one client, Frank, nine hours
and another client for two hours each week. I help with showers, housekeeping, and
cooking. When the weather allows, Frank and I will go for walks—he enjoys that. We
laugh and talk a lot on our walks. He and his wife are a very nice couple and we have a
lot of fun together.

Walks with good conversation make the days lighter.

You said this job was a good fit for you. How so?
I was fortunate to have a close
relationship with my grandparents. I’ve always been sort of an old soul and I have a soft
spot in my heart for elderly people. My favorite part of the job is companionship. My
clients love to share their stories with me, and I love being the person they can do that
with. It brings me joy and I’ve learned so much from them. I sometimes wish I’d found
this career forty years ago! I’m thankful that Firefly gave me this opportunity.

What do you like to do outside of work? I love to cook; I’m an avid walker; I enjoy
reading; and I’m in the process of learning the art of wreath making.

Building strong connections through companionship and care.

Betty, the wife of Julie’s client Frank, took a few moments to express her delight in
Julie has been a caregiver for my husband Frank for over a year. She helps Frank
with his physical needs, but she helps him mentally just as much. She understands him
and is perceptive to his needs and moods. She does just what he needs without being
asked. I trust her fully with him. Julie comes in each day and greats us with a cheery
“good morning!” If either of us is having a down day, she knows how to encourage us.
For fun, she and I have this bit where I call her Ethel, and she calls me Lucy, and
somehow that just brightens the mood. She’s our little angel. I have complete faith and
trust in her.

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