Kacie, Firefly Caregiver

Each month, Firefly Home Care recognizes one of our caregivers who went above and beyond to provide excellent service to our clients. The August 2021 Lifesaver award goes to Kacie. Kacie is studying Neuroscience & Behavioral Health with an emphasis on Compassionate Care in Medicine at The University of Notre Dame. We'd like to thank Kacie and all of our wonderful caregivers for everything they're doing to help our clients.
Kacie profile 2

What is your favorite thing about being a caregiver?  My favorite thing about being a caregiver is forming bonds of trust and connection with my clients as I share in the daily activities of their lives. I have come to appreciate the art of storytelling and the wisdom that they have to share. In every moment spent with my clients, whether it be sitting with them and providing companionship or doing personal care, I enjoy serving as a genuinely caring presence and a listening ear. It is such a blessing to be a part of their lives! 

What’s one of your favorite things to do with clients? I have enjoyed getting to do Range Of Motion (ROM) exercises alongside some of my clients. In those moments, I fall somewhere on the spectrum between caregiver and physical education teacher. It’s a blast, and something we both get a real kick out of.

What’s a fun fact about you? I have a particular affinity and talent for puns and wordplay. If you’re around me for a few moments, you’ll notice that I find great enjoyment in being clever with my words. If that fact was not fun enough for you, I can also lick my elbow.

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