Meet Firefly Caregiver Teresa T.

For most caregivers, taking care of others isn’t a job, it’s a calling. This is certainly true of February’s Caregiver of the Month, Teresa T. We would like to congratulate Teresa for her hard work and dedication to improving the lives of her clients. We hope you enjoy learning a little about Teresa.

Tell us about you: I lived in the Rocky Mountains until I moved to Goshen, Indiana, six or
seven years ago. I left a love of the mountains behind to pursue a greater love, but I
hope to return to the mountains someday. Now I live here with my wife and three step-
children. I also have one grandson, Peter Joe, who is my most favorite thing in the
world. My wife, children, and grandson are my little family, and I love it.

What led you to becoming a caregiver? I started caregiving as a little girl. My Grandpa
Bob had several amputations. I learned how to take care of his feet, monitor his blood
sugar, and learned what to do if his blood sugar was high or low. When I was older, my
great-grandmother moved in with my grandparents. She had a caregiver who showed
me the ropes. Over the years, I’ve been a caregiver here, there, and everywhere. I’ve
worked in retirement homes, in-home caregiving, and I’ve worked with mentally ill
children and adults. I volunteer at a couple of different organizations that mostly help
with cancer patients. Caregiving has been a passion of mine for most of my life. When
I’m not caregiving, I’m doing childcare.

Laugher during meal time.

What do you do for Firefly? I work nearly full time and more if they let me. I work
mostly day shifts and every other weekend. I see between three and five clients in a
week, usually two or three a day. I identify with the more artistic type-clients and/or
writers—we just click. I have one client who is a southern belle and I absolutely adore
her—she’s a peach!

Can you tell us a bit more about one of your clients? I see a client named Jim for respite
care. He’s quite a character. He either has something funny to say, or something really
valuable. I have my own political views, and he likes to educate a person on the things
they aren’t paying attention to. He’s also an artist—he paints or plays games on his

Bonding through companionship.

Is there someone who inspires you? Everything I ever learned came from my mother. I
get my approach to loving other people and going above and beyond from her. Her
whole life, my mother has rescued everyone around her. She’s my inspiration.

What are some of your favorite things? My grandson is number one. My dog, Adrianna,
is number two. She’s a border collie mix and I take her to the park and walk her, throw a
ball and play fetch, or go swimming. She’ll swim for days! As a family, we enjoy going on
vacation, or sometimes just for a drive. I also like to camp and fish. I’m into holistic
everything—I grow medicinal sage, chamomile, thyme, and rosemary. I enjoy crafting
and I use the herbs I grow along with holistic ingredients like goat’s milk and oatmeal in
the soaps, candles, and lotions that I make.

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