Dinah, Firefly Caregiver

“When the client is happy, it’s the most satisfying part of being a caregiver.”
Dinah, Firefly Caregiver

Tell us about you: My name is Dinah, pronounced Deena. I was born in Kenya, Africa and I came to the US four years ago with my husband. My family lives in Kenya where I have one brother and two sisters.

How did you come to live in Mishawaka? I knew I would come to the US someday. I didn’t know the time, but I knew I would come. I met my husband Philip in college. He came to the US to study. When he came back to Kenya we married, so after we married, I came to the US with him. We lived in Detroit for a while, now we live in Mishawaka.
How long have you been a caregiver? I started with Firefly ten months ago. I love working with Firefly clients!

What is it about caregiving you like? All clients are different and have different needs. Some like to chat, others want more hands-on help. I change and adapt to what they need. I enjoy helping them. When the client is happy, it’s the most satisfying part of being a caregiver.

Has a client ever taught you something you didn’t know before? Yes, I found it hilarious, but one client informed me I was loading the dishwasher wrong and they showed me how best to arrange the dishes and cups to optimize space. Now, I know how to do it better.

What do you do when you aren’t caregiving? I recently started taking classes at Ivy Tech. I’m taking prerequisites to getting my RN degree. I look forward to getting my RN and helping even more people
What else do you enjoy doing? I like to swim, watch TV and movies, eat popcorn, and sleep whenever I get the chance.

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