Care Program


You get all three with our unique program

ONE: The Right Caregivers

Firefly Home Care’s staff really makes the difference

Having the right people in place to provide and help coordinate quality caregiving for your loved one is the key to successful home care. Firefly Home Care’s staff really makes the difference.

A highly-qualified point person will oversee non-medical services and will provide the information that you can use to maintain control of your loved one’s care and quality of life.

e care about the quality of our caregivers because you care enough to invite us into your home – and that’s a trust we take seriously. All Firefly Home Care LLC caregivers are certified through the Indiana Association for Home and Hospice Care (IAHHC) Caregiver Training Program.  We also perform rigorous employment, drug and background screens to ensure every home caregiver is worthy of your trust.  Each caregiver is fully insured with general and professional liability insurance.

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TwO: The Right Tools

We provide tools designed to help you

Having clear goals, knowing how to accomplish them and monitoring your progress is the best way to get the results you want. We provide tools designed to help you and your loved one accomplish your unique goals.

We get to the bottom of your issues and goals from the start, but it doesn’t stop there; regular meetings, surveys and re-assessments help us to stay on course and ensure your family’s needs are met.

Purposeful, practical and always evolving to meet your changing needs. You’ll always know what needs done, by whom and when.

Regular summaries of important information about your loved one help keep you knowledgeable, motivated and in control of his or her home care.

THREE: The Right Process

Your loved one’s home care needs are always changing

Your loved one’s home care needs are always changing, and we’re with you every step of the way. Your care manager and caregivers are constantly monitoring your loved one’s situation, so you have the information you need to make good decisions about his or her care.

Weekly meetings between your home care manager and caregiver provide information about progress and early warnings about potential problems.

Bi-weekly discussions between you and your home care manager help you stay informed and provide peace of mind. (The frequency of these meetings can be tailored to meet your needs).

Monthly progress reports from your home care manager makes it easier for you to review and share a summary of key information with your loved one’s various other care providers.

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Providing proper care for your loved one requires

Providing proper care for your loved one requires the right people, tools and processes. Our comprehensive program ensures you and your loved one receive just the support you need by relying on continual evaluations, collaborative development of goals and action plans, and communication of progress.